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Name: Firefly
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Character Name: Shikieiki Yamaxanadu (however her 'last' name is more like a title so...)
Character Series: Touhou Project
Character Age: Unknown


Upon speaking with her, many will find that she easily extorts a kind of aura that belongs to those who oft possess occupations in law; but certainly one wouldn't be able to guess instantly she is a judge from hell. But even out of her job she naturally tends to be the type of person who is strict, diligent, and hard-working. She is also the type of person who would never accept a bribe if one were to offer any type to her, and would easily become disgusted at the thought of assisting someone if it would naturally cause harm to an innocent being. She also does not, contrary to what people may believe, hand out unfair judgments. Due to her job as a judge (of hell), she tends to be moralistic.

Shikieiki has a tendency to be upfront with lecturing people about their faults or one's misdeeds, as it is shown when in the game of PoFV where an incident is caused by a subordinate of her's slacking on her own job she does exactly that to whoever comes across her. And, of course, the one responsible for the whole mess, Komachi.

Because of her serious personality she can come off as 'hard to approach', even when she is not exactly in the middle of work. Not to mention, she values honestly, a lot; chances are, if she finds out you're lying to her, she will not hesitate to get in your face about it. Which could mean long sermons about how badly this could effect their karma, or something of the sort. Then again, it's why people don't go out of their way to interact with her (in Gensokyo). Although it doesn't mean she can't exactly be friendly of course.

Despite coming off as a harsh and strict person to those around her, whoever it may be, Shiki honestly means well. She does happen to exhibit politeness among other things, and it's not because she thinks it is in the job description. Chances are, if she lectures you about a certain bad decision you made, she cares about you and it's her way of being compassionate as well as showing worry for those who are not and are close to her. She wishes for everyone to commit good deeds so that they won't end up somewhere they wouldn't want to be, afterlife or worse.


Shikieki may look harmless (or maybe it's just me), but maybe it is because she doesn't go around saying what exactly kind of powers she is equipped with.

For example, what could be considered an ability is her power to be able the past lives of someone via use of a mirror that she owns, just like every other Yama. Also, as a judge of hell, she has the power to judge whether someone is allowed to go to heaven or hell.

Other than that, there's the general danmaku/spell card abilities.

Sample Entry:

...If you are going to keep claiming you are my husband you have to be more responsible and clean up after yourself. Just because 'I'm a woman' does not give you the right to leave a mess after dinner, as if you were five years old. It also does not give you an excuse to not clean up more than just a little. You're not the only one with a job, so I do not want to hear that excuse either...

[And she appears to go on. But a few hours after quite the one-sided argument discussion, she is now in her room:]

The inhabitants of the town are strange -- in fact, everyone I meet here may as well be suspicious. How is it that someone like myself has been unable to do anything about this predicament? No, there must be something I can do; many people's lives are being toyed with so easily casually...I must have a talk with the one in charge of this town.

[Then, the sound of a doorknob turning.]

Ah, w-wait! Don't come in, I'm dressing!