Jun. 30th, 2010

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...You know the drill~
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[And suddenly folks, a message from our sponsor:]

Many people would rather swallow a lie than a truth, but there are only so many lies one can tell before the truth is eventually realized. And even then, some people still would rather live knowing it is a lie. Here, it is quite evident that this is true. Although there is a fine line between someone wishing to live a lie and forcing someone to live a lie, they are both despicable acts. That being said, do you realize whom exactly you are trying to fool?  You may not have an idea of the depth of the crime you have committed, and even if you do it is most likely you do not realize the consequences that are awaiting for you before and when you come to your end. You can choose to hide and cover your tracks, however.... there is nothing that can stop you from inevitably getting what you truly deserve.


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